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Mini Project

Harvest  offers a turnkey solution for Ice Cream Plant/Frozen dessert/Non-Dairy Whipping Cream Plant. Right from reception of Raw materials , mix preparation to processing, freezing, packing & cold storage. We provide entire solutions for processing plants ranging from 200 LPD – 50000 LPD..

Pasteurizing Tank

Pasteurizing tank is used to mix and heat all the raw materials to produce  basic ice-cream mix.

Model HTPT 200 HTPT 300 HTPT 500
Capacity in ltr 200 300 500
Gear Motor HP 0.5 1 1
Water Jacket 100 ltr 100 ltr 100 ltr
Shape Round Round Round


  • Extra rich hyginic constraction & easy to clean
  • All products contact parts made of SS 304 / 316
  • Water Jacket construction for even heating
  • Low power consumption due to proper glass wool insulation in tank
  • Avilable in steam, heater and LPG Geyscer


Homogenizer is used to process the ice-cream mix processed in the pasteurizer tank. In homogenization product is forced inside the valve area at high pressure and low velocity. As the product enters the adjustable, micron clearance area between the homogenizer valve and seat. There will be a rapid increase in velocity with a corresponding decrease in pressure. Intense energy release causes turbulence and localized pressure differences, which will be used to tear apart the particles. This improves the quality and stability of the product.

Model HTHM 200 HTHM 300 HTHM 500
Capacity ltr/ hr 200 300 500
Motor, HP 2 3 5
Max Working Pressure, bar 175 175 175
No. of Pistons 3 3 3


  • Heavy duty plastic coated frame with SS 304
  • Two stage Homogenization
  • Low SPM plunger speed
  • Pressure adjustment by hand/hydraulic
  • Stellite stage valves for both stages
  • Adjustable ball feet arrangements
  • SS diaphragm type sanitary design pressure gauge
  • High strength steel eccentric shaft and connecting rod assembly
  • Splash lubrucating system

Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate heat exchangers brings down the temperature of the basic mix to 4- 10°C from 82°C.

Model HTPHE 200 HTPHE 300 HTPHE 500
Capacity ltr/ hr 200 300 500
Motor, HP 18 24 32
Stages Single stage / Double Stage


  • Heat transfer
  • No Space constraint
  • Expansion provision
  • Heat recovery
  • Liquid hold – up is minimal
  • Reduced fouling
  • Competitive price
  • Increase in turblence
  • Wide range of duties

Ageing Tank

It is used to store the basic mix at 4°C & makes it ready for process.

Model HTAT 200 HTAT 300 HTAT 500
Capacity ltr/ hr 200 300 500
Gear Motor HP 18 24 32
Glycol Jacket 100 ltr 150 ltr 200 ltr
Shape Round Round Round
Refrigertor R-22 R-22 R-22
Compressor 1.5 ton 2.0 ton 2.5 ton


  • Extremely Compact Mechanical Design
  • Round mix tank for proper mixing of ice cream mix
  • All product contact parts made from SS 304 / 316
  • Low power consumption due to effecient refrigeration
  • system, Puf insulation and proper electrical system
  • Top drive starter with easily removable for complete cleaning

Continuous Ice cream freezer

Continuous freezer is used to convert the flavoured mix to real ice cream by fusing air and continuous churning using refrigerant.

Model HTCF 200 HTCF 300 HTCF 300 HTCF 400
Capacity ltr/ hr 100 200 300 400
Motor, Hp 1 2 5 5
Max Working Pressure, bar 0.5 1 2 2
Refrigertor R-404A R-404A R-404A R-404A


  • Fully-automatic or semi-automatic controls.
  • Stainless steel 304 frame and covering panels.
  • Advanced dasher construction.
  • Mix and discharge gear pumps in CIP design.
  • High efficiency air filtering and sterilising system.
  • The control unit adopts advanced touch-screen control.
  • Maintenance can be done by a domestic refrigerator technician.
  • The machine is suitable for large scale continuous hard ice cream production in ice cream industry.
  • The dasher system is designed to work continuously, avoiding motor restart between each ice cream extraction.
  • Interlock and safety controls for single phase, over load, low and high refrigerant pressures.
  • The utilization of a pre-aeration mixer provides additional mechanical working of the fat globules to yield an improved product texture that is rich creamy. This process can improve the texture of lower fat content product to have the same “mouth-feel” as a premium product with a high fat content.